Selfportrait as Stoic , 2009, 25cm x 35cm, Iron, Aluminium

Selfportrait as Stoic, 2009, 25cm x 35cm, Iron, Aluminium

About Manuela 

Manuela Granziol is an artist and art historian. 
Her practical and theoretical interests include photography, sculpture, mixed media, as well
as the interconnection between visual art and
the senses.

She was born in Switzerland. She studied  economics at the University of Zurich. She completed her BA in Photography in 2002 and
MA in Art and Media Practice at the University
of Westminster in 2004.

In 2016 she was awarded the PhD on the representation of the fragmented body in contemporary art. 

The artwork

In her work Manuela Granziol highlights pictorial, or social conventions in order to questions the validity of their perceived neutrality. How do these conventions, which we unconditionally accept and often even consider natural, influence the way in which we understand the world?

To explore these themes she often uses photography, turning the media itself on its head, by deconstructing the conventional photographic form through the manipulation, cutting and bending of the image, as well as the physical body of the paper. In this way she takes the photograph beyond its traditional two-dimentional confines.

The tactile nature of the work mobilises several senses, initiating a physical, sensorial and often emotional engagement, which may temporarily precede its conceptual understanding. This energy of the in-between creates ‘immediate sensations’ in the spectators that involve the haptic.

Future Exhibitions

Fragmented Identity, Joint exhibition with Batool Showgi, Ankon Mitra, Stefanie Kappel, kubo Novak and Way Chang, London  

Selected Exhibitions

2019 Pink Pigeonholing, Galerie Tuur, Venlo, Netherland, February 02- June 02

2019 Women in Art, In Arte Werkunst Gallery, Hamburg, January 18 - February 16

2018 Lucca Biennale residency, Outdoor, Lucca, Italy, 4th August -27 September

2018 Art Printed, Group International exhibition, CICAMuseum, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, June 8 - 24,

2017 The Awakening Exhibit, Honolulu, Hawaii, October 5,          

2017 Figures & Faces, Fusion Art, Palm Springs, California, Juried Art Exhibition, October 2017

2015 Solo Exhibition, The Seven Sins: A Meditation, The Framers’ Gallery, London, October

2013 Unfolding, The Brick Lane Gallery, London, May 

2012 Site Specific Installation and Performance, Covent Garden, London, April

2011 Group Exhibition, City Lit Gallery, June

2010 Site-Specific Installation, Brighton, November

2010 Group Exhibition, city Lit Gallery, June

2009 Group exhibition, Beverly Knowles Fine Art Gallery, London, March 2009

2008 Solo joint exhibition, Disguise, I See, Thou Art a Wickedness, Beverly Knowles Fine Art Gallery, London, January-February 2008

2007 LIP Annual Exhibition, Cotton’s Atrium, London, 14 - 27 October 2007

2006, MTV Gallery, London, November

2006 31st Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography, Birmingham, January

2005 LIP Annual Exhibition, Cotton’s Atrium, London, 15-30 October 2005

2005 Enigma, Waterman’s Art Gallery, London, May 

2005 30st Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography, Birmingham, January

2004 Shifting boundaries, Waterman’s Art Gallery, London, June 

2004 LIP Annual exhibition, Cotton’s Atrium, London, October 

2003 Fresh Art, Business Design Centre, London, July 2003

2002 Unlimited, The Well Gallery, London, July 




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